Different Types of LED Lights Explained

LED Tube Light Fixtures

Tube Light Fixtures are a stylish and energy conscious way to provide lighting to a school, hotel, or private family home. All fixtures are dimmable and have a selection of color temperatures to choose from, such as neutral and cool white. Each light is guaranteed to last for an extended period of time with an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours and has an automatic five-year warranty.

A high CRI works to enhance the brilliance of each color and make this low-power lighting option as effective as possible. Heat dissipation technology makes it safe for children to touch. Engineers have streamlined this technology to eliminate any buzzing from these easy-to-install devices.

LED Tube Lights

Tube Lights provide a stylish way to light up a living or work space. An external driver powers these green lighting options. They brighten an area while being easy on the eye, with the option of clear or frosted coverings. All tube lights have an average lifespan of 45,000 hours and a warranty of three years. This warranty protects you against any faulty products and comes as standard.

LED Tube Lights use only inert materials in their construction. The lights do not emit any dangerous gases and there is no mercury or lead present. It is safe for children and is completely cool to the touch.

LED Wall Lighting

Wall Lighting comes in a small black box to protect the light and a covering to ensure it is bright but not blinding. Choose from a range of color temperatures - from calm warm white to blazing cool white. It meets all IP65 requirements and works wonders in a warehouse or outdoor area. Use them for outdoor illumination. They have a warranty of five years and thousands of hours of lighting time.

This is a green product as it releases no emissions and only uses sustainable materials. No mercury or lead was used in the construction of this wall lighting option. With a small 18-watt power consumption rate, this is a wise investment to make to keep those energy costs down.

LED Grow Lights

Colorful Grow Lights have a life expectancy of over 30,000 hours and can add the finishing touches to a beautiful interior garden. They are incredibly easy to install and take no technical expertise. There is a cutting point between every three lights and you are fully covered by the product's warranty.

Feel free to use them in areas where children have access. They are durable and highly resistant to shock. Grow Lights also stand up against vibrations and never emit any noise, flickering, or buzzing. This green product only uses 20 per cent of the energy a traditional grow light does and only uses unreactive materials in its construction.

LED Solar Lights

Solar Lights come in a futuristic orb shape and deliver a low source of power in the garden. They use a mere one watt of energy and still deliver a vital lighting source in dark areas. As well as a way to guide visitors in a garden, they are good at attracting and killing moths and mosquitoes. Each Solar Light comes with a one-year warranty to defend you against any faults or breakages.

They possess the IP65 protection rating and are safe for children to use. This low heat lighting product will not burn if someone unwittingly touches it. With such a low level of emissions, homeowners wanting to swap out powerful outdoor illuminations should consider a solar light.

LED Strip Light Controllers/Dimmers

Strip Light Controllers/Dimmers cut down the time it takes for you to adjust strip lights. These controllers come with three shortcut keys for switching between neutral white, warm white, and cool white. They work with multiple strip lights and have a dual channel output. Designed to work with strip lights utilizing a common anode connection, these controllers can work from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.

All controllers are RoHS certified and can work with both indoor and outdoor lights. Strip Light Controllers/Dimmers are compact and can easily fit into a pocket. They work from a short distance providing ultimate convenience in lighting control.

LED Strip Light Drivers/Power Supplies

Strip Light Drivers/Power Supplies work with any common strip lights. They are easy to install. Just remove the old driver or power supply from the back and plug the new one in. Turn it off and on and it will work just as before. All power supplies and drivers have a RoHS certification and meet IP67 requirements.

Use with any indoor or outdoor strip light. It has a strong voltage tolerance of between 90 V and 130 V and produces a maximum output power of 100 watts. Strip Light Drivers/Power Supplies are compact, so it is simple to stock up on power supplies and store them in a small space.

LED Strip Lights

Strip Lights are perfect for use in an interior garden setting to add some color to the place. Choose lighting colors ranging from warm white to red and green. There is also a choice of PCB boards, such as the white or black board. Strip Lights have a width of 8 mm and come with 150 separate lights all joined together.

They are perfectly safe to use as heat dissipates as soon as it is produced. Lights remain cool and do not produce any dangerous emissions, which makes them usable in small spaces. All lights have the CE and RoHS certifications before being sold in-store.

RGB LED Strip Lights

RGB Strip Lights are perfect for a party or special exhibit. This kit comes with an incredible five meters of strip lighting. It also includes a 24-key RF remote controller and a 12 V 36 Watt driver to power it all. It uses a low 36-Watt power consumption and uses up to 80 per cent less energy than traditional lighting.

All RGB Strip Lights have been tested for safety and meet IP20 requirements. As well as possessing RoHS certification, they are made from durable materials that resist both shock and vibrations. There is no flickering or buzzing so you will hardly know they're there!

LED Cabinet Lights

These ultra-compact Cabinet Lights fit snugly in any display cabinet to highlight important parts of a collection. They're non-dimmable and come in cool white and warm white. These lights are specifically designed to save energy, and use only 20 per cent of the energy of a traditional cabinet light. No mercury is used in the construction of these lights.

Their size means they are barely noticeable at the back of a display case, which complements the scene. All lights have been tested and come with the required UL certification and meet the requirements of safe and efficient indoor lighting.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor Lighting is an alternative lighting option for energy conscious home and business owners. They come in an aluminum case that protects them against the elements. Rain and snow will not cause them to rust or corrode. Each light has thousands of hours of running time and are covered by a handy warranty for any wear and tear or faults.

The materials are unreactive and emit a minimal amount of energy. It does not use any dangerous gases and there is no lead present. Every delivery comes with full instructions on how to install them. These bargain lights require no technical expertise to install.

Home LED Lighting

Swap your traditional bulbs with home lighting and cut your energy consumption by 80 per cent. These lights often use less than 10 watts of power each and are dimmable. They come in colors of warm white to cool white and have a lifespan lasting over 30,000 hours. Buy them in trendy looks like the candelabra and install them in dining rooms, bedrooms, and restaurants.

A high CRI enhances the colors to give it greater definition than a standard lighting implement. Durable and shock resistant, home LED lighting is for the energy-conscious individual. All lights come with full instructions on how to install and maintain them, as well as a troubleshooting guide.

LED Spotlight Bulbs

Spotlight Bulbs are green lighting alternatives to traditional bulbs. Perfect for any indoor or outdoor area, these bulbs consume just four watts of power and are fully dimmable. Bulbs meet IP20 requirements for safety and come in three-color temperatures of warm white, neutral white, and cool white. They are completely silent and do not flicker.

There are no maintenance costs and they are easy to install. Spotlight Bulbs are made from sustainable materials and avoid harmful substances in their construction (such as lead and mercury). Each spotlight bulb comes with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours running time and possesses a high CRI to enhance color and add further definition.

LED Street Lights

Street Lights, which use 80 per cent less energy than traditional streetlights, are ideal for cutting down on energy costs. Perfect for schools, gardens, and business parks, they illuminate a large area in up to three colors. The different temperatures include cool white, warm white, and neutral white. Lights are made from durable materials designed to stand up against the elements. All lights meet IP65 requirements.

With every purchase, Street Lights come with a five-year warranty to protect you against wear and tear and any faults. They are designed to last for many years before replacement. A qualified technician will find these easy to install as they come with full instructions.

LED Street Bulbs

Replace your old street bulbs with Street Bulbs. These lights use durable materials free of hazardous substances like lead and mercury. It has a small power consumption rate of just 28 Watts and is amongst the most efficient street bulbs in the world. Use them outside hotels, restaurants, and any other public place to maintain a feeling of safety.

Street Bulbs emit no harmful gases and have been checked thoroughly for safety. They have both the RoHS and UL certifications. It also has a warranty of five years attached. The warranty provides full cover against wear and tear or any faulty fittings.

LED Street Light

Replace inefficient cobra head street lamps with an street light. They have a far lower energy consumption rate than any of the traditional street lamps, and come in two colors, warm white and cool white. Each street light is environmentally friendly with no light pollution. Moreover, they emit nothing hazardous, including IR or UV radiation.

The materials within are fully recyclable. Street lights are state-of-the-art and have higher color rendering and a more uniform luminance. The higher color temperature also makes objects far more noticeable. This makes them better for public places such as restaurants and hotels to make visitors feel safe. All lights come with a five-year warranty.

LED Christmas Lights

Make the holiday season even merrier with some Christmas Lights. They work with fun motifs and string lights using low wattage technology to keep energy costs down. Lights have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting and do not flicker or buzz when switched on. They are easy to install and fully safe as heat instantly dissipates from the surface.

Christmas Lights use durable materials that are highly shock resistant and vibration proof. Each light has an average lifespan of 30,000 hours and carries a warranty. They are safe to install in an indoor or outdoor environment as they're protected against the elements, allowing an unlimited degree of flexibility.

Energy Star LED Lights

Stylish Energy Star Lights can replace your current traditional light bulbs and save money by only using 20 per cent of the energy of a classic light bulb. Every light comes with a three-year warranty and a guaranteed lifetime of 15,000 hours. All bulbs have a dimming effect and come with a color temperature of crisp warm white.

A high CRI enhances every color and meets all IP63 requirements for ultra-efficient indoor lighting. Use Energy Star lights in an office environment or private family home to save money with just 6 watts of power consumption. It doesn't flicker and it doesn't buzz. Energy Star lights are simple to install and require next to no maintenance.

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